Master & Dynamic is a New York City-based premium audio brand with a deep passion for building beautifully crafted, richly appointed, technically sophisticated sound tools for creative minds. Designed for decades of use, Master & Dynamic products utilize only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and sound.  We believe mastery is a never-ending exploration requiring a dynamic approach. Sound is a catalyst and a powerful creative element, helping to focus, inspire, and transport your mind. We build sound tools for creative minds.

Alliance360(2010) inc Promotional Marketing Products

Idol Memory, promotional products with a "cool" factor. USB flash drives have become a staple of data storage for businesses and consumers.  Once, it was good enough just have a few GIGs of capacity in your pocket, purse or on your keychain.  Now, people want their promotional gifts to look as good as their smart phones, and personal accessories; they want a "cool" factor; something fashionable to spice up the function of the gadgets. 

"Turn regular into remarkable."

The fact is, carrying around breathtaking electronic gadgets or the corporate gifts, customers demand a gift that is as exciting as their brand.  That's where IDOL Memory comes in.  As far as we're concerned, the "U" in "USB" stands for "Unique".  Whether you need USB flash drive, cloud business card, Bluetooth gadgets, portable chargers, fitness band, wearable personal devices, audio devices, or even a custom solution, IDOL Memory is here to turn "regular" into remarkable. Stand out with a gift or promotional premium that is as cool as it is useful.I

Jam Audio

Your music should always be at your fingertips. Completely portable, JAM unleashes dynamic sound for any occasion. Whether you're starting your day, starting your workout, starting the party, or anything in between, we've got a JAM speaker for you. With Bluetooth connectivity to set you free and design to match any style, you'll always be ready to get down.

Alliance360 (2010) Inc promotional marketing produts is a sales agency that specializes in making brand name consumer products available to promotional product distributors.
We make it easy to get hard to source products at wholesale pricing.  And, to make things even easier, we arrange decoration:  embroidery, laser, pad print, digital transfers, decals, jelly labels and screening.
Our sales team has years of experience in the promotional product channel.  Combine that with our ability to source and decorate and you have a winning combination - find the perfect product to exceed  customer expectations for any project.


Music isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an experience. Founded in Provo, Utah, Braven began in 2011 with a small team and has evolved into a renowned premium Bluetooth® high fidelity audio brand with a growing global presence.

Since joining the Incipio® family in 2013, we expanded our product offering from portable Bluetooth® speakers to an award-winning lineup of ultra-rugged waterproof audio, App-driven products and Smart battery solutions by utilizing Incipio’s standing as a mobile technology leader in the industry. We cater to all consumer profiles with products ranging from outdoor, rugged, take-anywhere speakers to interactive wireless home audio systems with exceptional style.


JBL, a unit of Harman International Industries, Incorporated, designs and builds audio equipment for consumers, the entertainment industry and the automotive industry.

JBL takes its decades of experience making speakers and other equipment for concert halls and other public venues, and uses it to create audio equipment for consumers around the world. You can enjoy a movie, ball game or concert as part of a huge crowd or in your home - but either way, you can catch all of the sounds with superb clarity through JBL components.

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Kelvin Tools

2012 Winner of the Dragon's Den Best Product

Kelvin23 the urban Multi-tool is a unique, super functional hand tool designed for the everyday jobs you encounter living on your own. With the Kelvin, you can hang pictures, you can tighten up a loose ceiling fan, you can measure small spaces before buying furniture too large for them. No more running around the house, trying to remember where you last used the Phillips head. Everything you need is in the Kelvin, just waiting to help out with your next project.

Targus - iPad  and Laptop Cases. Backpacks and Accessories.   

Targus is universally recognized as the world's best selling notebook carrying case brand, and the leading provider of accessory products for the mobile lifestyle. Targus offers a complete range of mobile accessory products to enhance the mobile computing experience, and continues to set the standards in excellence for protection, craftsmanship, and functionality in portable carrying cases and accessories for notebooks and other portable electronics. Targus houses a proprietary product design center. Designers blend Targus' tradition of quality workmanship and feature innovation with smart design, creating appropriate portable solutions for each and every customer.

House of Marley  Over Ear Headphones.   On Ear Headphones.  Ear buds and Party Boxes

The House of Marley is committed to delivering best in class products that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and reliability. Every product is soulfully designed and engineered to perform at the highest level. Our high-performance audio products are engineered to deliver the Marley "Signature Sound" and pour out all the energy, emotion and detail of every recording. Marley headphones and audio systems reproduce your favorite music with smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids and an energized high-end. Each product undergoes custom tuning to deliver the most realistic and powerful performances possible.  We are eco-friendly as our products and packaging are crafted from sustainable materials and designed to blend personal style with earth-friendly values.

Health and Wellness.  Pedometers.  Obus Forme

Since HoMedics was founded in 1987, we've become the #1 name in health and wellness. Our extensive line of personal wellness products allow you to relax your body, renew your spirit and simplify your life. As the innovative leader in self-care, wellness and personal health products, we continue to strive to provide you with products that promote your well-being.  With our products, it's easy to be proactive in the maintenance of your health and well-being. So discover the new era of personal wellness with HoMedics.


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The concept Urbanears is spawned out of a number of ideas. Some that formed the project but just as many that came along the way. Primarily, there seemed to be no manufacturer of headphones out there that shared our belief in what headphones are and how they are used. Our passion is to make headphones with a profound understanding of how they are used, worn and why.

Our vision is to add a number of elements to the concept of performance. Beyond the obvious sound rendition we have a vision of making headphones that feel more like clothes than chromed plastics. We design headphones with respect to what they are expected to be, but with great attention to the details. An Urbanears headphone is always describable as a classic headphone, rather than a bold design statement redefining the product category.

We spend much time making our headphones affordable. Still we want each product to always come with a little extra functionality you wouldn’t expect. And deliver great audio as well as ergonomics. Equally important, we work hard at making Urbanears available in a store near you.

The evolution of music formats has allowed you to carry your full collection in the pocket. Music has migrated from designated players into cell phones. It just seems stupid not to add a microphone and a remote, allowing you to pick up calls and communicate. We try to make your Urbanears function with the most possible devices out there.

We believe music has the POWER to touch you, move you and inspire you.
We are SAVIORS OF SOUND changing the world through incredible music experiences.
We believe MUSIC can help you be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better.
For every great moment there’s a song that goes with it.
We believe this is the SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE.

The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for half a century. Breathless roadies and roaring trucks have worked hard to make Marshall heard all across the globe. Now, time has come for you to carry this magnificent burden of rock ‘n’ roll all by yourself. Spending half a century on tour with the most prominent and untamed musicians builds experience and a feel for what really works. This unparalleled amount of wisdom has been distilled and fused into every part of Marshall Headphones. Nothing has been compromised when expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music.